FreeBSD Foundation January – March 2017 Update

The FreeBSD Foundation published today a recap of the work they have done in the first three months of 2017 supporting FreeBSD: FreeBSD Foundation January-March 2017 Update.

You will read about:

January: A Review of the Project Grant Process

‘Take a look at how the FreeBSD Foundation identifies, reviews, and chooses projects to be undertaken by paid development staff and by recipients of project development grants’

February: Blacklistd Porting Project Completion

‘The Foundation awarded Kurt Lidl a grant to port blacklistd to FreeBSD and integrate it into a set of base system and ports daemons. This project is now complete and blacklistd is available in FreeBSD. The FreeBSD-CURRENT development branch has the most up-to-date version.’

March: More on the Intel – FreeBSD Partnership

‘As announced at AsiaBSDCon 2017 in Tokyo, Intel is making a financial contribution and supporting the Foundation with access to resources to ensure FreeBSD is well supported on Intel platforms. Intel sees FreeBSD as a viable open-source operating system, and seeks broader collaboration between themselves, the Foundation, and the FreeBSD Community.’


You can read or download the whole update here: FreeBSD Foundation January-March 2017 Update.


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