FreeBSD News and Links Roundup – Edition 2018-48

FreeBSD Central News and Links Roundup – Edition 2018-48

Welcome to the 2018-week 48 edition of the News and Link Roundup post, containing links to news articles, blog post and newsworthy snippets about FreeBSD and FreeBSD-based operating systems, which you may find interesting. You will also read about releases, people, packages, howtos and much more. Some of the links you may have already seen some on our Twitter or Google+ accounts, but here they’re all in one place.

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newspaper-10-48FreeBSD News

FreeBSD 12.0-RC3 Available
The third RC build for the FreeBSD 12.0 release cycle was released on 1 December. RC2 contains a fix for vulnerabilities in NFS server code. (FreeBSD-SA-18:13.nfs) and has the if_ixlv.ko kernel module added as a link to if_iavf.ko
for backwards compatibility when upgrading from earlier releases. It also comes with various memory leak fixes and other, miscellaneous fixes. Release message and Change log


FreeBSD Foundation Funding Drive
The FreeBSD Foundation has kicked off its annual end-of-year fund raising efforts.

“As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday here is the US, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported #FreeBSD over the last 25 years! You can help us continue our work in 2019 by making a donation today” (Twitter)

You can donate here.


FreeBSD 10.4 end-of-life
As of October 31, 2018, FreeBSD 10.4 reached end-of-life and is no longer
supported by the FreeBSD Security Team. Users of FreeBSD 10.4 are strongly
encouraged to upgrade to a newer release as soon as possible – Announcement (08/11/2018)


Intel Making Improvements On FreeBSD Power Management
Ben Widawsky who works at Intel shared that for the past half-year he has been focusing on FreeBSD power management improvements. He has done general development work, as well as implementing suspend-to-idle support, s0ix support during suspend-to-idle, and some work on Intel Speed Shift support –

“Earlier this half, I decided some general work in power management was highly important and began working there. I attended BSDCam , and led a session on Power Management. I was honored to be able to lead this kind of effort. Earlier this quarter, I put the first round of my patches up for review, implementing suspend-to-idle. I have some rougher patches to handle s0ix support when suspending-to-idle. I gave a talk at MeetBSD about our team’s work. Earlier this month, I noticed that FreeBSD doesn’t have an implementation for Intel Speed Shift (HWPstates), and I started working on that. Earlier this week, I was promoted from a lowly mentee committer to a full src committer.”


True Story of FreeNAS
This is a presentation by Olivier Cochard-Labbé’s: “True Story of FreeNAS” (Google Slides). Olivier is the original founder of FreeNAS that’s become the world’s most popular open source storage operating system.


Interview with founder and maintainer of GhostBSD, Eric Turgeon
Following the release of GhostBSD 18.10 (GhostBSD 18.10 now available), I reached out to Eric Turgeon, GhostBSD’s founder and project lead, to find out more about the project. – freebsdbytes


magazine-48Magazines and books

Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Edition: The Complete Guide to FreeBSD

This updated edition of Michael W. Lucas’ definitive volume on FreeBSD-based systems adds coverage of modern disks, the ZFS filesystem IPv6, redesigned jail and packaging systems, and virtualization, among dozens of new features added in the last 10 years.

FreeBSD is the muscle behind companies like Netflix and EMC. Any place where someone does heavy lifting on the Internet, you’ll find FreeBSD. This newly revised edition of Absolute FreeBSD brings FreeBSD’s strengths to bear on your problems and covers FreeBSD’s newest features, all in the inimitable style that has made author Michael W. Lucas’ system administration books so popular.


date-to-48Upcoming Events

– FOSDEM 2019, Free University of Brussels, Solbosch Campus, Brussels, Belgium – 02 – 03 February 2019

– AsiaBSDCon 2019, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan
21 – 24 March  2019

– BSDCan 2019, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada
15 – 18 May 2019
A four day BSD conference held in Ottawa, Canada. BSDCan hosts talks and tutorials on a range of topics based around the BSD family of operating systems.



new-badge-48FreeBSD Based Releases

SoloBSD 11.2
SoloBSD 11.2-STABLE-1117 is available now, based on latest HardenedBSD 11-STABLE sources –

FreeNAS 11.2-RC2
This final release candidate for the FreeNAS 11.2 series is considered to be feature-complete and ready for testing – Announcement (16 November)

New (11.2) release available on FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-P5 – Annoucement

OPNsense 18.7.8 released
This stable update finally brings you the promised LDAP+TOTP authentication,
but also renewed language translations and several third party software
updates for software such as OpenSSL, OpenSSH and Sudo. – Announcement



code-48Code, Development and CfTs

  • Amdsmn(4)/amdtemp(4) to Attach to AMD Ryzen 2 Hostbridges added – FreeBSD SVN
  • Evdev Support to amd64/i386 kernels added – FreeBSD SVN



The iXystems FreeNAS Mini is available from Amazon.

FreeBSD images for pinebook coming
Pinebook is a arm64 laptop based on a Pine64 board. Builds are being created for the board –


advisory-48Security Advisories

Multiple vulnerabilities in NFS server code

The Network File System (NFS) allows a host to export some or all of its file
systems so that other hosts can access them over the network and mount them
as if they were local. FreeBSD includes both server and client.Insufficient and improper checking in the NFS server code could cause a denial of service or possibly remote code execution via a specially crafted network packet. A remote attacker could cause the NFS server to crash, resulting in a denial of service, or possibly execute arbitrary code on the server. Full details and solution can be found in the NFS security advisory (27/11/2018)


link-48BSD / Unix Family News

DragonFlyBSD 5.4 released!
DragonFly 5.4.0 has been released. This release bring a new compiler (gcc 8.0), asymmetric NUMA support, and a number of new and updated drivers for virtual machine devices and network – Announcement

Early history of BSD technology
Dr. Kirk McKusick’s talk from MeetBSD California on the early history of BSD technology.



Language: Assembly | BSD Now 274
Assembly language on OpenBSD, using bhyve for FreeBSD development, FreeBSD Gaming, FreeBSD for Thanksgiving, no space left on Dragonfly’s hammer2, and more – Summary (jupiterbroadcasting)


MeetBSD 2018 – Capsicum
MeetBSD 2018: Mariusz Zaborski – Capsicum: Best practices of sandboxing applications with Capsicum


Spreading the FreeBSD Love
“Finished family HTPC migration from Linux to #FreeBSD last weekend — fast, silent, stable, serving well. now it’s time to migrate my girlfriends laptop as well. fourth box in the house, spreading the code” – twitter


After 20 years Linux, now a FreeBSD convert

After 20 years of Linux on the desktop, switched to FreeBSD and not going back. Solid, stable, simple to manage. Switched a year or 2 ago but did not fully commit – this time it’s permanentTwitter


OpenBGPD – Adding Diversity to the Route Server Landscape
“OpenBGPD used to be one of the most popular Route Server implementations until the early 2010s. OpenBGPD’s main problem was that its performance couldn’t keep up with the Internet’s growth, so it lost market share. An analysis by Job Snijders suggested that a modernised OpenBGPD distribution would be a most viable option to regain diversity on the Route Server level” –


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