BSD Now Episode 285: BSD Strategy

Strategic thinking to keep FreeBSD relevant, reflecting on the soul of a new machine, 10GbE Benchmarks on Nine Linux Distros and FreeBSD, NetBSD integrating LLVM sanitizers in base, FreeNAS 11.2 distrowatch review, and more. This 285th episode of BSD Now … Read More »

BSDNow Episode 253: Silence of the fans

BSD Now Episode 253 is out featuring, amongst others: Silent Fanless FreeBSD Desktop/Server (Vermaden) BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Mark Johnston (FreeBSD Foundation) Why does FreeBSD have virtually no (0%) desktop market share? (Quora)

The Wayland Machine (BSD Now 179)

There’s a new BSD Now episode, no. 179: The Wayland Machine Some of the topics discussed in the video are: Wayland is now in the FreeBSD Ports tree  Call For Testing: xorg 1.18.4 and newer intel/ati DDX Error handling in C … Read More »